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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 26, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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. making news in america this morning. targeting terror. the possible new air strikes overnight as the fbi reveals how many americans are fighting alongside isis. we are live with the latest. new clashes overnight, ferguson, missouri, after a controversial apology by the town's police chief. a violent carjacking caught on camera. a man tries to steal a car at a busy hotel, crashing into vehicles and people as well. and the storybook finish. what a way to end a two decade career. >> derek jeter, where fantasy becomes reality. and hello, everybody, good morning to you, i'm t.j. holmes.
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and i'm reena ninan. we begin with the breaking news from eastern syria, missile strikes and air strikes thought to be led by u.s. forces hit isis targets this morning. >> there were earlier assaults on oil refineries, sending giant plumes of smoke into the air. those had been providing as much as $2 million a day to fund isis operations. the fbi has identified the isis militant behind the mask in the gruesome beheading videos. tahman bradley joins us. >> reporter: good morning. several developments. more u.s. air strikes, this time against the isis money source. and the manhunt is heating up for the masked killer of western hostages. this morning the fbi believes investigators have identified the masked man seen in the chilling videos.
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they declined to name the suspect but vowed to bring him to justice. he's known as jihadi john, speaking with a british accent. they are using voice and facial analysis and studying the back drop. computer illustrations are constructing a composite of his face. they believe he's somewhere in syria, so finding him could be difficult. >> i think it's going to be in the short-term maybe extremely difficult to locate him until we degrade their operations a little further. >> reporter: meanwhile in the perry ch persian gulf, dropping more than 240 bombs in just three days. taking aim at the isis stronghold of raqqah in syria. and trying to stop the state-controlled oil business by destroying refineries that once generated millions a day. >> they are not pumping out any
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refined oil, out petroleum, any time soon. >> reporter: great britain could be joining the countries in iraq soon. the house of commons has a vote for today. >> what's the best estimate for how many americans are fighting alongside isis in syria? >> reporter: this is a huge problem. about a dozen on the ground there now. and more than a hundred have gone to syria or returned or arrested while trying go. terror recruiting is a big problem. that's why you saw the u.n. resolution dealing with foreign terror recruiting. >> thank you. new york city is under a heightened security alert this morning after iraq's prime minister claimed he had credible information that isis militants were planning an attack. as a precaution, hundreds of extra police are patrolling the nation's biggest subway system. they insist there are no
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specific threats of an attack. president obama saying good-bye to one of his closest and political allallies. announcing the resignation of eric holder. he fought violent crime and rooted out civil rights. he's been on the job six years and plans to stay on until the successor is confirmed. breaking overnight, more violence in ferguson, missouri. tom jackson was addressing the crowd when the pushing and shoving started. several people were knocked to the dprountd, several arrested. he issued a video apology for how long his body remained in the streets after his death. and new details this morning about the disappearance of the university of virginia sophomore, hannah graham. a bar owner who saw graham on the night she disappeared said she could barely walk as she left the bar with the man now charged with her abduction. abc's steve osunsami has more on his arrest.
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>> reporter: in two texas courtrooms, the 32-year-old va hospital assistant accused of the disappearance of hannah graham in police custody. >> you are waiving -- >> reporter: complaining about the cell, he waived his right to extradition. >> if i sign this -- >> it only said i read your rights. >> reporter: the long arm of the law reached down to texas wednesday afternoon. he was seen getting bug spray at a mini mart. and a deputy took him in. >> the end of the road. >> reporter: matthew is seen with graham just minutes before she went missing. she had been drinking heavily, and he was buying her more at a restaurant and bar. a bombshell from the bar, when the two left, matthew had to help her walk. police in charlottesville asking local realtors to search vacant
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homes for sale. >> we have to find her. >> reporter: it's not clear why matthew headed to texas. records show he may have had family there. he has not yet entered a plea. and another note here about jesse matthew. a woman who will only identify herself as karen said she was sitting on a galveston, texas, beach when a car drove at her and slammed on the brakes. it was her call that brought the nationwide manhunt to an end. and the man trying to get away from pennsylvania state troopers has been on the run for two weeks. search dogs picked up his scent, but lost it on water crossings. they may be able to tire him out and spot him if they can keep him contained in the area. new details about the video in which former nfl star ray rice is seen punching his then-fiance, now wife.
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a law enforcement source tells the associated press -- the source sent the video to the nfl security chief at the league's headquarters. he said his only communication was a brief voice mail in which a female voice confirms the package was received and calls it, quote, terrible. jeffrey miller is denying receiving the video, he never saw it until it became public. and here in new york. a better ending could not have been scripted for derek jeter. did you see this? >> up in the bottom of the ninth, the game-winning hit. he was mobbed on the field after jeter announced he won't play shortstop as the yankees close the season this weekend. >> this is all i've ever wanted to do. and not too many people get an opportunity to do it. and it was above and beyond anything that i've ever dreamt of. >> jeter is retiring after
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playing nearly 1400 games at yankee stadium. more highlights coming up later from espn. time now for the friday forecast. the stormy weather that drenched the pacific northwest is easing up. heavy rain in south texas and lingering showers in florida. >> but a beautiful day here in the northeast with temperatures in the 70s, mostly mid-80s in the midsection. phoenix, summer-like, 100 degrees. coming up, the new recall for thousands. more vehicles with those faulty ignitions. and apple rolls out a fix to its fix. but this week's glitches have cost the company billions. plus car versus house. who do you think won?
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on wall street, stocks opened lower this morning after the worst day since july. the dow dropping 264 points thursday. analysts say it's the tensions in the middle east and the jitters about the federal reserve's next move and also apple's iphone software glitch. 300,000 cars and suvs from chrysler, the dodge charger, magnum and jeep grand cherokee. the ignition switches can move out of position and cause the engine and air bags to shut off while driving. prices at the pump typically drop in the fall, and this year the decline is greater thanks to
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global drops in oil prices. and apple has a fix to the fix. that's a problem when you have to do that. yes, the latest iphone software, ios 8, it promises to repair a faulty update that caused problems with the iphone 6 and 6 plus. it's cost apple about $20 billion in value on the stock market. and three ride share companies have received a warning from district attorneys in l.a. and san francisco. oouber, lyft and side car, said they are misleading customers about background checks on the drivers. wendy's is hoping to capitalize on the popularity of barbecue. it has a pulled pork topped with fries and cheese. and pulled pork. sorry for the vegetarians, nothing to offer you. but there's three different
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sauces available. >> there's that. and when we come back, this scene. it was outside of a busy hotel. a man tries to steal a car, he crashes into other cars and some people had to go to the hospital. and the mystery image caught by a surveillance camera. could it be a ghost? ♪ how do commercials work? you need a team, working together, doing all kinds of jobs. see these people? they're not acting. they're real professionals. and we hired them all on the site where more people get jobs than anywhere else. indeed. the world's #1 job site. there's nothing like leaving home feeling attractive. challenge! but too many times i feel bloated, gassy,
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temperatures in the midwest, may feel more like summer. but proof that autumn is in full swing. fall colors peaking in northern wisconsin, vivid oranges and reds. this weekend is a good time to explore the area with sun in the forecast. not exactly the case for the commute in much of the west. you can expect possible flash flooding from washington and oregon into idaho and utah and arizona. and also plan on wet roadways in south texas and along the southern atlantic coast. but flying, the only major airport delays are expected in miami. fire crews east of sacramento, california, have made big strides against the huge wildfire that's threatened thousands of homes. >> a steady rain yesterday helped them get the upper hand on the so-called king fire. it's now more than half contained. it's burned 150 square miles. meanwhile, a new wildfire is burning near lake tahoe, but it's an area without much fuel. and a chilling image from a home invasion in california. take a look at this picture,
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folks. a woman hiding from an intruder. that's the intruder on the top of the house. she climbs from her window, half naked, cowering on the roof. we're learning more about how her split second decision saved her life. abc aditi roy with the story. >> reporter: it's a terrifying image. a woman crouched on her roof, wearing only a flannel shirt and clutching her phone while a man hovers just above. authorities say testifies hn intruder. it's 29-year-old christian hicks, a homeless man, he broke into rivera's home while she was in bed. she called police before crawling out the attic window 20 feet up. >> once i saw him in the house, i knew we both couldn't be there. >> i have a suspect at gunpoint on the roof. >> reporter: authorities arrived, police talking hicks off the roof while fire fighters rushed rivera down. was she right to act the way she did? >> she was. number one, run, number two, hide, and number three, if you
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have to, you fight to save your life. >> reporter: that intruder behind bars on $50,000 bail. and rivera, grounded and safe. aditi roy, abc news, los angeles. well, a powerful 6.2 magnitude earthquake hit parts of southern alaska and sent people running for cover. >> go outside, you guys. everybody, outside. >> the quake, centered about 80 miles northwest of anchorage lasted for about a minute. no serious injuries or damage, the quake was so deep underground, weakening the impact. a man will be in a miami court today charged with attempted murder after a wild carjacking at a downtown hotel. take a look. this is the surveillance video. this is the man, police say. you can see him, just waiting around for his moment. jumps into the suv, tosses it into reserve, hits two valets and fights off several people trying to stop him.
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he continues, violently driving away, injures five more people. the 50-year-old man was a career criminal and was caught a short time later. now to a story out of delaware. the house you see there, well, it's uninhabitable now. after a minivan went all dukes of hazard here, went airborne. slammed into the house. the driver was under the influence of drugs. now facing several charges. no one was in the house at the time of the crash. police are investigating video of a teen subway surfing in boston. it's posted on facebook. showing the teen on the top of the subway as the train passes under bridges. others can be heard cheering him on in the video. authority haves identified the teen, but it's unclear if he'll face any charges. some police officers in new mexico say their station is haunted. and they have a video to prove it. there it is, caught by a surveillance camera last weekend. you see it moving from the right to the left there throughout the entire enclosed area outside.
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>> it walks in the direction of the old fence port cages. and there's not really any way to get out to there, but seems to walk right through that. >> if the gate had been opened, the alarm would have sounded. but none of that did. other officers say they sometimes hear strange voices and see unexplained images inside the building. >> well, they should halt the drug testing. we promised you more from derek jeter, big game at yankee stadium. his last game there, couldn't have ended any better. >> couldn't have. no ghosts there. and the highlights from the guys at espn. >> welcome to the "sportscenter" set in los angeles, neil is excited. >> fired up. >> fans at yankee stadium. >> did you see this jeter thing? >> also excited. >> check it out. last home game at yankee stadium. first at bat, the dude doubled. okay? and then tied up, top nine, and a game that should have never been tied up in the top of the
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ninth. jeter's up, first pitch he sees. it's a walk off. he hadn't had a walk off in second years. and he walked out of yankee stadium. it was just super dude tattooed across his back. the good news for new york sports didn't end there, though. eli manning and the giants taking on kirk cousins from the redskins. two quarterbacks with different results. manning, four touchdowns, and ran for a touchdown. 28 of 39, 300 yards and six touchdowns. and manning had a field day with them. and kirk cousins, no robert griffin for them. cousins, four interceptions. redskins with 6 turnovers in all. giants win it 45-14. >> this is, like, seriously. this is a great gig. we got to sit at work and watch something that was really cool. and, listen, neither of us have like yankee bathrobes or anything. we're not -- that's not -- you know -- >> i have been meaning to tell
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you -- >> he's a little bit of a bandwagon guy. he's been on the yankees. >> that's all we got. i'm going to put my bathrobe on. >> a lot of people were yankees fans yesterday, don't you think? >> you couldn't help it. you have to root for derek jeter. no matter what, you have to love the guy. up next, in the pulse, raining with sleet, snow. a postal worker's close call. and a wedding just hours away. urs away. i'm l-i-s-a and i have copd, but i don't want my breathing problems to get in the way of hosting my book club. that's why i asked my doctor about b-r-e-o. once-daily breo ellipta helps increase airflow from the lungs for a full 24 hours. and breo helps reduce symptom flare-ups that last several days and require oral steroids, antibiotics, or hospital stay. breo is not for asthma. breo contains a type of medicine that increases risk of death in people with asthma.
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time now to check "the pulse." starting with an explanation about why one package never made it to the front door of a home in canada. >> the mailman who was supposed to deliver it left this hastily scribbled explanation, a notice that said bear at door. even the homeowner was understanding, tweeting out, fair enough. the homeowner said this was the bear. the postal notice was left down the street. and the nfl feel good story of the year so far. it was the daughter of defensive lineman devon still. >> the bengals kept him on the team to keep his insurance to pay for her cancer treatment. she had surgery yesterday, but
4:24 am
first a pep talk from dad on the way to the hospital. >> are you ready for today? i'm ready for today. let's get this cancer about. let's do it. fist bump. >> there she is post on. during the nearly six hour surgery, doctors were able to remove the tumor. she's facing chemo. this is the man who said he would never get married again, that's out the window. one-time confirmed bachelor george clooney. this morning, much of venice is closed down, and it says there is the wedding. >> amal alamuddin and his wedding could happen any day, taking place at a seven star hotel there. >> of course. for some folks, your local news is up next. >> and for everyone else, we'll actually be back in just a
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good friday. thanks for joining us. first up, meteorologist mike nicco has a look at the forecast good morning, everyone. live doppler hd shows a dry scan around the bay area temperature-wise we are waking up to mild numbers. it is humid. 63 in san francisco. 64 in oakland. 64 in hair. mountain view is at 58 degrees. the exploritorium will show you a few clouds, partly cloudy. we will have the clouds early, and tons of sunshine by the afternoon and a chance of a
4:29 am
spray shower later today. hour by hour, but, first, traffic. good morning, everyone. we are watching our ferries, the golden gate ferry strike from southbound 101 across the golden gate bridge, expect extra cars and crowded buses. that is the best route to take. buses are drive or car pool. the other for is, vallejo and the bay ferry, no delays. they are not vicking. it is just the golden gate bridge bridge captains. we have no delays either way. golden gate bridge ferry captains are manning the picket lines. the strike means north bay ferry to get to work affecting thousands. amy hollyfield is at the larkspur ferry terminal. >> no ferry between marin county
4:30 am
and san francisco. all ferries will sit. the captains are not working. they are on strike for one difficult. their ferries are not manned. the captains and the union and the management of the golden gate bridge district cannot grow on a contract. the sticking point is health care. there are only 16 ferry captains but they have quite an impact, 9,000 people take the ferries to work each day. >> i have to take the because. it will be included. so will be bridge. i take the ferry to miss the traffic from the city to the bridge. i am in novato. >> it does not impact only people headed to work, giants fans, they have canceled special ferry that get people from marin county to the game. no ferry service for commuters


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